HeadshotKiss The Kale is the place where vegan stereotypes are laid to rest and the veggie life is lit! There are so many misconceptions about vegans and veganism; no you don’t have to have dread locks and no you don’t have to live on plates of limp iceberg lettuce. I created Kiss The Kale to project MY version of veganism into the world and hopefully inspire people who might otherwise be put off from exploring a plant based lifestyle because they were under the impression that they’d have to change their name to Moonchild Lovebright, throw out all their shoes and invest in a hacky sack. Fear not! You can look good, feel great and save the planet, because compassion is cool.

My Vegan Journey

My name is Porscha and I first discovered veganism about seven years ago when I did a master cleanse (all in the name of vanity). The cleanse instructions recommend that you stick to a raw vegan diet leading up to the cleanse and then continue to remain free of toxins by avoiding things like meat and dairy. This information intrigued me and down the rabbit hole I went.

Over the years I devoured books and literature on veganism such as The China Study, and I’ve watched all the documentaries and lectures (can I get an amen for Forks Over Knives please). I’ve also had stints of being very much not vegan for all the usual reasons (damn you carnivorous society), but ultimately I found my way back and am happily living a vegan lifestyle. Something that for me was born from vanity, has evolved into something so much bigger and anytime i get a pang for cheese (R.I.P) I just remember why I’m vegan now. For my health, for the animals and for the environment.

Porscha x