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How To Stay On Track

Changing your diet and lifestyle can be a bit daunting, and times of weakness can see us loosing control of our carefully thought-out diets and giving up on a better, healthier lifestyle. Here are some top tips to help you stay on track in those delicate early stages when changing up your diet.


Get rid of all the junk in your cupboards
It seems only sensible to get rid of the junk under your nose when you are on the journey to a healthier you, so make clearing out your kitchen your first point of call. If every time you open your kitchen cupboard you’re presenting yourself with the choice between a bag of cookies or an apple you may find yourself buckling from cravings and going back to the familiarities of your old diet. Clear out and start fresh.

Tell Your Friends And Family What You Are Doing
Support from family and friends can make a huge difference to how easy you find a lifestyle transition. If your friends know you’re trying to ditch the sugar they might think twice before persuading you to share that dessert on an evening out.

Plan Your Meals Ahead
We live in a ‘now’ world where spending hours throughout the day preparing our meals isn’t always an option. Spend some time in the evening prepping your meals for the next day so that you have them ready to eat, or even make a big batch of dinners so that you can freeze or refrigerate individual portions to eat throughout the week.
Supermarkets can be a smorgasbord  of temptation for someone who’s taking a new and healthier direction with their eating habits, planning what you need to buy and sticking to a shopping list can help you to avoid straying into the biscuit aisle.

If You Fall Off Get Right Back On Again
Changing your habits regarding diet and fitness is never an easy feat. Even the best of us can find ourselves succumbing to the sugary temptations of the cake window at Patisserie Valerie. But if you do slip up the most important thing is to get right back on track. Don’t let one doughnut send you into a week long junk-food binge.

Be Visual
Put bright, fresh fruit and vegetables on your kitchen counter so that you have visual encouragement for your healthy lifestyle. Cut out health-related magazine clippings and write yourself inspirational notes to stick on the fridge. Change the wallpaper on your phone or laptop to a picture of you when you’ve been happy and healthy to remind you of what you’re striving for.

Get Plenty Of Sleep
Sleep deprivation can cause a whole host of problems and tiredness can make you vulnerable when it comes to willpower. Ensuring you are getting enough sleep can see that you start each day in the best possible position to achieve your health goals.


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