Unmissable Food Documentaries

Forks Over Knives
Probably the most widely known out of the bunch and certainly one of the most profound. I’ve known many people to make the switch to a plant based diet after watching this documentary, including the comedian/actor Russell Brand.
This documentary covers the basics and lays out the facts in an impossible-to-ignore format. Highlighting studies into plant-based diet and the startling results of what switching to a plant-based diet can do for your health.


Hungry For Change
Did you ever wonder why sticking to a healthy diet can be so difficult, even if you genuinely enjoy your salad? This insightful film delves into our addiction with food and explains the cognitive processes behind eating and what certain foods are doing to our brains. Want to know why you can never seem to have just one cookie? This will explain it!

Super Size Me

If nothing else, this movie will simply repulse you into never going near a fast food joint again. A drastic experiment into what modern day junk food really does to the human body.


Not for the faint-hearted. I personally had to force myself to watch this intense documentary the whole way through and found myself in tears numerous times throughout. This documentary takes a look at the extreme end of how humans use animals and not just for food but for clothes, entertainment and a host other things. A wake up call and a reminder to stop choosing to be ignorant to the things a lot of us already know are happening.


Food Inc.
An unflattering insight into the food production industry and it’s unbelievable power and incredibly cosy relationship with the government. This film exposes how the food industry has been allowed to prioritise profit over the environment and the health of the consumer!


Fat Sick & Nearly Dead
This documentary follows Joe Cross as he embarks on a 60-day juice fast in order to regain his health. On his journey he meets morbidly obese truck driver, Phil Staples, who he encourages to do a juice fast of his own in order to kickstart some much needed weight-loss and essentially save his life. The story is heartwarming and inspiring as you watch the two characters bond and embrace a newfound appreciation for their health using nothing but fruits and veggies!


Just Eat It
This movie centres in on the staggering amount of food waste produced by the ‘Western World’. Almost 50% of the food we grow and produce is wasted, be it at the growing stage, the wholesale stage, the supermarket stage or in our own homes. Be prepared to pick your jaw up off of the floor when you see the sheer scale of food that goes to waste on a daily basis in the food industry.


Fed Up
A peek into the politics behind how food is marketed to us and an idea as to why we are dealing with more obese children than ever before. A powerful documentary that will have you double-checking the labels on the food you buy and second guessing the information the government is presenting you with when it comes to nutrition.