What To Do With Your Blender

It’s a kitchen staple for some. I use my blender everyday, usually at least 2 or 3 times a day.
But for others the blender is an unwanted Christmas gift which sits lurking in the back of a deserted kitchen cupboard along with your ever-so-handy ‘egg slicer’.
But fear not, the blender is your friend. Here are some quick and easy uses for your blender, so dust off the cobwebs and power her up!

Make Ice cream
Banana ice cream is an all time fave healthy dessert at our house. Ok so its technically not ice CREAM but this faux banana ice cream happens to taste surprisingly creamy and even better yet the only ingredient is…banana! Just chop some bananas in half and stick them in the freezer. Once frozen let them thaw out very slightly and put them in your blender and blend away. This can take a bit of work and you may need to keep stirring the stubborn banana mixture in between blending but persevere and eventually you’ll be the proud owner of a big bowl of tasty banana ‘ice cream’. I sometimes add some frozen berries for a nice change but this does result in a slightly sloppier consistency but tasty nonetheless!

Make Healthy Snack Bars
Ok so these a probably more suited to a food processor but if you are still saving for yours you can cheat by using a multi speed blender to power together some healthy snack bars! These are great for a mid-afternoon energy boost and are amazingly quick and easy to make.

Make Green Smoothies
If you have a blender and you aren’t using it to make green smoothies you are certainly due a visit from the green police! That’s a felony! Check out this list of some of my favourite green smoothie recipes and open yourself up to a fast-track to a healthier, happier body.

Make Soups, Sauces and Dips
Use your blender to whip up nutritious soups or interesting dressings for your salads. I sometimes make a naughty vegan chocolate sauce to put on my strawberries as a treat.

Crush Ice
Did somebody say Organic Margarita?

Clean Your Blender
That’s right, use your blender to clean your blender. Just fill it with a little bit of washing-up liquid and some water and power on a low setting then take of the jug and rinse away the suds. Easy!


Image via wholefoodsmarket.com