Why You Should Be Using Yummly

Kiss the Kale now has a featured Yum button which allows you to save any new KTK recipes straight onto Yummly!

Yummly is an awesome app which you can use to find and save delicious recipes all in one place. You can create shopping lists, sort your recipes into categories like lunch and dinner and even specify taste preferences and dietary requirements for your recommended yums!

I’ve used this app quite a few times when I’ve been in the supermarket and feeling uninspired. You can simply open your yummly app, type in an ingredient, a dish or just let yummly make some suggestions. Then you can choose a recipe and create a quick shopping list of all the ingredients you need.

640px-Yummly_logoCooking your fave recipes has seriously never been easier! Look out for the yum button on all KTK’s upcoming recipes and make sure you download the yummly app
 so that you can save and share all of your favourite Kiss the Kale recipes plus more!